445. Midnight Snack

  • Harry: You always know when Harry can't sleep from the quiet whistle of the tea kettle downstairs. By the time you shuffle down the stairs and into the kitchen, he has your cup of tea and some fruit waiting for you.
  • Liam: You were spending the night at your apartment due to some stupid argument you and Liam had. It was late when someone knocked on the door, you opened the door to find Liam standing there holding a cookie cake with 'sorry for being a dickhead' written in icing.
  • Louis: You and Louis were cuddled on the couch watching a movie. "Let's go get ice cream." Louis paused the movie. You chuckled, "everywhere's closed, it's too late." Louis jumps off the couch and pulls you up with him. "C'mon we can go to the store, I'll even push you around in the cart."
  • Niall: It's late when Niall finally gets home from a long day at the studio. You're already in bed reading your book but you can hear him stumbling around downstairs. When he finally emerges he has two beers in one hand a small box of pizza and a cheeky grin. "Midnight snack?"
  • Zayn: You're always the one to break away to the kitchen in the middle of the night. You tend to make too much noise, fumbling around the kitchen so Zayn is always right behind you ready and willing to eat whatever you decide to whip up.
  • Written by: Anna